Russian Mahjong Federation from February 1, 2015 till November 30, 2015 is helding 6th Online MCR Marathon -- an extended ten-month online competition which takes place at the game server MahjongTime. This document contains all the official information about this competition:

Announcement of Tournament

General information

The full title of the competition: Russian Open MCR Marathon 2015.
The competition status: online tournament.
Competition organizer: Russian Mahjong Federation.
The ruleset: Mahjong Competition Rules (to the extent that is possible while playing in the Internet).
Dates of the competition: from February 1, 2015 till November 30, 2015
Number of participants: not limited.
The number of game sessions: not limited.
Venue: in the Internet at the address
The duration of a game session: 100 minutes/ 16 deals.
Is Rated: Yes (starting from 11.03.2015).
Responsible persons: Pavel Anokhin, Andrey Chichigin, Vitaly Novikov

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